Pedro Jordano Lab

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  • Pedro Jordano
  • Post-docs
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    bullet_pp_2 Irene Mendoza
    Phenological responses of species interactions to climate change.
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    bullet_pp_2 Lissieux Fuzessy
    Ecology of seed dispersal mutualisms by primates.
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    bullet_pp_2 Ana Benítez
    Species distribution models, spatial ecology, species-habitat relationships, movement ecology, habitat selection and niche partitioning in co-occurring species..
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    bullet_pp_2 Dave
    At the Spaceship USSC Discovery One, to Jupiter.
  • Former Post-docs
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    bullet_pp_2 Miguel Jácome
    Context-dependency and multiplexed plant-animal interaction networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez
    Climate change and the population and community ecology of forests.
    Quantitative ecology and data analysis.
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    bullet_pp_2 Alfredo Valido
    Plant-animal interactions on islands.
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    bullet_pp_2 Carine Emer
    Defaunation and plant-animal interaction networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Juan Pe González-Varo
    Effects of anthropogenic landscape changes on biodiversity.
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    bullet_pp_2 Marcial Escudero
    Evolution and diversification of flowering plants with special emphasis in genus Carex (Cyperaceae).

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    bullet_pp_2 Arndt Hampe
    Seed dispersal, phylogeography, global change.
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    bullet_pp_2 Kimberly Holbrook
    Seed dispersal and gene flow mediated by large frugivores in tropical habitats.
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    bullet_pp_2 Jerôme Duminil
    Population genetics of forest trees.
    bullet_pp_2 Fabrice Sagnard
    Spatial patterns and genetics of forest trees.
  • Technicians
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    bullet_pp_2 Manolo Carrión
    Field and lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 JuanMi Arroyo
    Lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 Cristina Rigueiro
    Lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 HAL9000
    "The component is correctly installed and fully operational".

    bullet_pp_2 Rafael Gutiérrez, former Technician.
    bullet_pp_2 Jesús G.P. Rodríguez, former Technician.
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  •  Pre-doctoral students
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    bullet_pp_2 Elena Quintero
    Super-generalist species in complex networks: interaction forms and their implications in ecosystems.

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    bullet_pp_2 Jorge Isla
    Seed dispersal by animal frugivores and range expansion in plants: a multilayer network approach.

  • Past PhD students
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    bullet_pp_2 Eva Moracho
    Persisting at the limit: genetic structure, hybridisation and conservation of Quercus robur L. relict populations at the species’ southern range margin.
    Co-supervised with A. Hampe.

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    bullet_pp_2 Carolina Carvalho
    Ecological and genetic effects of seed size variation in defaunated landscapes.
    Co-supervised with M. Galetti.

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    bullet_pp_2 Néstor Pérez Méndez
    Lizard-mediated seed dispersal and gene flow patterns in Neochamaelea pulverulenta, a Canary Islands paleoendemism.
    Co-supervised with A. Valido.

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    bullet_pp_2 Rocío Rodríguez
    Seed dispersal, gene flow, and connectivity in fragmented relict tree populations.
    Co-supervised with A. Hampe.

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    bullet_pp_2 Cristina García
    Gene flow mediated by frugivores and pollinators.
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    bullet_pp_2 Candelaria Rodríguez
    The evolution of bird pollination on islands.
    Co-supervised with A. Valido.

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    bullet_pp_2 Jofre Carnicer
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    bullet_pp_2 Débora Rother
    Frugivory and seed dispersal limitation in the Atlantic rainforest.
    Co-supervised with M.A. Pizo and R. Rodrigues.

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    bullet_pp_2 Paulo R. Guimarães Jr.
    Ecological networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Juan Luis García-Castaño
    Plant-frugivore interactions, seed dispersal and regeneration of montane vegetation.
  • Master students (current and past)
    bullet_pp_2 Daniel Pareja (PJ)
    bullet_pp_2 Blanca Arroyo(PJ)
    bullet_pp_2 Miguel Álvarez (JPGV)
    bullet_pp_2 Lucía Bernardos (AV)
    bullet_pp_2 Virginia Oliva (FR)
    bullet_pp_2 Javier Valverde (PJ)
    bullet_pp_2 Yurena Arjona (AV)
    bullet_pp_2 Ana Delgado (AH)
    bullet_pp_2 Zebensui Morales (AV)
    bullet_pp_2 Pilar Mª Pérez (AV)
    bullet_pp_2 Angela Sánchez-Miranda (AH)
    bullet_pp_2 Marina Fleury (PJ)
    bullet_pp_2 Eva Moracho (PJ)
    bullet_pp_2 Elena Quintero (PJ)
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