Pedro Jordano Lab

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  • Pedro Jordano
  • Post-docs
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    bullet_pp_2 Irene Mendoza
    Phenological responses of species interactions to climate change.
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    bullet_pp_2 Eva Moracho
    Cataloguing the Web of Life, a LifeWatch project.

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    bullet_pp_2 Ana Benítez
    Species distribution models, spatial ecology, species-habitat relationships, movement ecology, habitat selection and niche partitioning in co-occurring species..
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    bullet_pp_2 Dave
    At the Spaceship USSC Discovery One, to Jupiter.
  • Former Post-docs
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    bullet_pp_2_1 Lissieux Fuzessy
    Ecology of seed dispersal mutualisms by primates.
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    bullet_pp_2_1 Miguel Jácome
    Context-dependency and multiplexed plant-animal interaction networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Francisco Rodríguez Sánchez
    Climate change and the population and community ecology of forests.
    Quantitative ecology and data analysis.
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    bullet_pp_2 Alfredo Valido
    Plant-animal interactions on islands.
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    bullet_pp_2 Carine Emer
    Defaunation and plant-animal interaction networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Juan Pe González-Varo
    Effects of anthropogenic landscape changes on biodiversity.
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    bullet_pp_2 Marcial Escudero
    Evolution and diversification of flowering plants with special emphasis in genus Carex (Cyperaceae).

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    bullet_pp_2 Arndt Hampe
    Seed dispersal, phylogeography, global change.
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    bullet_pp_2 Kimberly Holbrook
    Seed dispersal and gene flow mediated by large frugivores in tropical habitats.
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    bullet_pp_2 Jerôme Duminil
    Population genetics of forest trees.
    bullet_pp_2 Fabrice Sagnard
    Spatial patterns and genetics of forest trees.
  • Technicians
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    bullet_pp_2 JuanMi Arroyo
    Lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2_1 Cristina Rigueiro
    Lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 Gemma Calvo
    Lab technician.
    bullet_pp_2 Pablo Villalva
    Field technician.
    bullet_pp_2 Pablo Homet
    Lab and field technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 Manolo Carrión
    Field and lab technician.
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    bullet_pp_2 HAL9000
    "The component is correctly installed and fully operational".

    bullet_pp_2 Rafael Gutiérrez, former Technician.
    bullet_pp_2 Jesús G.P. Rodríguez, former Technician.
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  •  Pre-doctoral students
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    bullet_pp_2 Elena Quintero
    Super-generalist species in complex networks: interaction forms and their implications in ecosystems.

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    bullet_pp_2 Jorge Isla
    Seed dispersal by animal frugivores and range expansion in plants: a multilayer network approach.

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    bullet_pp_2 Blanca Arroyo
    Plant-pollinator interactions: from individual-based networks to complex webs of interactions.

  • Past PhD students
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    bullet_pp_2 Carolina Carvalho
    Ecological and genetic effects of seed size variation in defaunated landscapes.
    Co-supervised with M. Galetti.

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    bullet_pp_2 Néstor Pérez Méndez
    Lizard-mediated seed dispersal and gene flow patterns in Neochamaelea pulverulenta, a Canary Islands paleoendemism.
    Co-supervised with A. Valido.

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    bullet_pp_2 Rocío Rodríguez
    Seed dispersal, gene flow, and connectivity in fragmented relict tree populations.
    Co-supervised with A. Hampe.

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    bullet_pp_2 Cristina García
    Gene flow mediated by frugivores and pollinators.
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    bullet_pp_2 Candelaria Rodríguez
    The evolution of bird pollination on islands.
    Co-supervised with A. Valido.

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    bullet_pp_2 Jofre Carnicer
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    bullet_pp_2 Débora Rother
    Frugivory and seed dispersal limitation in the Atlantic rainforest.
    Co-supervised with M.A. Pizo and R. Rodrigues.

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    bullet_pp_2 Paulo R. Guimarães Jr.
    Ecological networks.
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    bullet_pp_2 Juan Luis García-Castaño
    Plant-frugivore interactions, seed dispersal and regeneration of montane vegetation.
  • Master students (current and past)
    Sergio Ortega (PJ, AV)
    Manuel Sánchez (IM, PJ)
    María Campo (IM, AB, PJ)
    Iago Ferreira (AB, JI, PJ)
    Begoña Carrasco (PJ)
    Blanca Arroyo (PJ)
    Miguel Álvarez (JPGV)
    Lucía Bernardos (AV)
    Virginia Oliva (FR)
    Javier Valverde (PJ)
    Yurena Arjona (AV)
    Ana Delgado (AH)
    Zebensui Morales (AV)
    Pilar Mª Pérez (AV)
    Angela Sánchez-Miranda (AH)
    Marina Fleury (PJ)
    Eva Moracho (PJ)
    Elena Quintero (PJ)
    Daniel Pareja (PJ)
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