These are some media presentations of our research, including newspaper press releases, radio interviews and others.
bullet_pp_2 Comment in the Editor's Choice section of Science magazine (2 Sept 2011, vol. 333: 1201) of our Ecology Letters paper on evolution and coevolution in mutualistic networks.

bullet_pp_2 Highlights of our PNAS paper on modularity in pollination networks. This is a newspaper article in Publico. Here is the press release by CSIC-Prensa.

bullet_pp_2 PDFsmall Highlight of our Excellence Project on animal-mediated plant dispersal. 2010. 

bullet_pp_2 PDFsmall Press interview for Andalucía Investiga. 10 January 2010.

bullet_pp_2 Radio interview at Radio Exterior de España. About our 2007 PNAS paper. 6 March 2007. (Large file).

bullet_pp_2 Highlights of our PNAS paper on seed dispersal by frugivores. Comment published in Science. Highlighted in Science Editors' Choice. Comment appeared in Current Biology.

bullet_pp_2 Highlight in Andalucía Investiga. 23 May 2006.

bullet_pp_2 Talk at Fundación Juan March, Madrid. "Ecología y genes: nuevos retos para la conservación de la biodiversidad" (in Spanish). 4 May 2006.

bullet_pp_2 Text in FECYT book highlighting top research groups in Spain.

bullet_pp_2 EBD Exhibition. Material at the Estación Biológica de Doñana exhibit commemorating 40 years. Poster about dispersal and gene flow. Poster about complex networks.

bullet_pp_2 Science Magazine. About our 2006 Science paper. The CSIC press note is here.

bullet_pp_2 Article for general public in Red Life, May 2006. About our 2006 Science paper.